for October, 2017

TRAVEL | Personal Effects Arrived – Immigrating to Australia

October 5, 2017

My husband and I have been all around the world backpacking, but before we did that, before we moved to Perth/Western Australia – we lived in Columbus, OH. Columbus, for all intensive purposes, is like a smaller Seattle. Yeah, we get the same amount of rainfall too. But the weather isn’t the reason I draw the comparison. Columbus is a busy town, tons of historic houses, a rich downtown, delicious restaurant concepts (thanks to the outlying farming communities) and a thriving small business atmosphere. Amazing coffee shops are abundant, and the overall attitude/culture of the city is super accepting of new ideas and people. Columbus is also home to the Buckeyes of Ohio State University – one of the largest US State-funded public schools (over 65,000 students!). Columbus is also home to many of my best friends, and is where I got my Bachelors in Photography from the small private art institution (Columbus College of Art & Design). So no, […]