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MEMORIES | USA for the Holidays <3

January 31, 2018

After a month back home, I have needed a few weeks to get readjusted into life back in Australia – Happy Belated New Year! I had the best time with family, was spoiled with love and attention, and was reminded of how good it feels to be with people who know you inside & out. Since immigrating to Australia, and even now that my spousal 820 visa has been approved, I have missed home. At first, it was the things you laugh at (because you don’t want to burden budding new friendships), like Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing, fashion, peanut butter M&M’s, Amazon Prime, Penn Station East Coast Subs, Hulu – the list goes on and on! More recently I  would say, I have deeply, passionately missed everything, and everyone about “home”. In many ways, I think this blog post will be a love letter of sorts to my family, who I now rarely see. For them to know how hard […]

We Can’t Stay Here

May 9, 2016

When you decide to leave the country for a year, you are left with a few decisions to make. Do you store your stuff? What travel credit card to you get? Who will you get for a phone card? What type of medical and travel insurance do I get? Where will we stay? Honestly, these are just the beginning of the mound of things we’ve had to address, and only about 2 weeks to do it in. Isaac and I came up with the idea of an extended vagabonding trip in February 2015. We had sat and contimplated how on earth we would be able to afford 6 months (the length of time we had in mind at the time) without dipping too much into our savings. While we both wanted to travel, neither of us wanted to start off our marriage with a huge pile of debt. It was late one night that I discovered a work-exchange site called Workaway. […]

Mrs & Mr Gould – A New Journey in Itself

April 30, 2016

Isaac and I have been planning our wedding on Lake Mirror in Lakeland, FL for almost 2 years. Honestly, I see now why most people after getting married, say they wish they’d have eloped. Planning a wedding is a ton of work, even more so when you choose a DIY wedding with several large scale projects, and then tack having a destination wedding – it made our wedding week a little hectic to say the least. 🙂 We had a beautiful week in Reunion Resort near Championsgate in Kissimmee, Florida. We rented a huge mansion-style home to house all the immediate family and bridal party members. With 14 bedrooms, 19 bathrooms, pool, swim up bar, water slide, huge kitchen, 2 entertainment areas, we were never without things to do. My parents and Isaac’s parents hung out on the balcony on the 2nd floor, and my little niece’s (Alayna) favorite spot was in the hot tub with her newest partner in […]