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LOCAL | Chocolatey Goodness on Foodi’s Chocolate Tour – PERTH

September 18, 2017

My Aussie family knows me well, because for Christmas, I got a free pass to Foodi’s Chocoalte Tour in Perth! Not only did I get one, but the entire family – chocolate & awesome company! Interested in booking a tour, head to their website here. It’s not one of my official “local Feature” posts or anything, but just the highlights of the tour & the awesomeness in store for you if you go! I’ve also linked the individual chocolatier’s in the description too, in case you want to hit one of these up over next weekend! Besides all the delicious chocolate, your Foodi Tour Guide will show you around the city’s little known landmarks, and tell you about the history & art of downtown Perth! Frist Stop: Sue Lewis Chocolatier Second Stop: Guylian Chocolate Cafe Third Stop: Koko Black Fourth Stop: Margaret River Chocolate Factory Final Stop: Uncle Joes

LOCAL | GEM GEM DESIGNZ – Golden Bay’s Hidden Talent!

September 8, 2017

Do you know Golden Bay’s best-kept secret?This week we got to hang out with talented artist Gemma Bunce, of Gem Gem Designz. She’s a wicked painter, so why not think about one of her affordable paintings for your home? To WIN one of Gemma’s Ocean Paintings, enter by liking & sharing our FB page (winner will be drawn Sept 15)! Kell’s Quick Review… Local Talent for the win! Before my Husband and I bought our house in Golden Bay, we took our first trip together to Bali. I was amazed by the quality of the paintings, the price, and the chance to help support the Balinese. We ended up not buying any, we had nowhere to hang them at the time, but it got me thinking when we returned home. There is a plethora of very talented local artists in our local community, who are starting out, and depend on our support. Since many of them have home studios and don’t exhibit in […]

LOCAL | SARBA’S ITALIAN – Mandurah’s New Favourite Italian Restaurant!

August 24, 2017

Lakelands has a new Modern Italian Restaurant, have you been yet? This week we got to meet the Owner & Head Chef, Puneet Mahal. He shared his story & his passion for Italian cooking with me. He is looking forward to meeting the Hello Kell readers. Mention this blog post & get a FREE glass of wine with your meal (limit 1 per check), until Sept 1st, 2017! Kell’s Quick Review… Five Stars – for dinner & night out! When my Husband said he was taking me somewhere local for my birthday, I didn’t know just how special my experience would be. Sarba’s atmosphere is so posh but relaxed. The staff were very friendly, and always smiling – something I have come to not take for granted in Australia vs. the US! The lighting & decor is so romantic that I hadn’t even realized that they had a kids area! It was also very well hidden, as they sat us on the […]

FAROE ISLANDS | Mulafossur, Gásadalur, and Turf Houses

May 19, 2016

Today is a new day, more sunny but still very chilly. I told Harriet last night that I have been aching to see a turf roof house since I saw photos of them in Iceland, and was astounded to see them everywhere on the drive to their house!!! I only saw one in Iceland, but it was in a poor state of restoration from the Viking settlement hundreds of years ago. She laughed and told me she would take me to where there are villages of turf roof houses! Apparently, it is still a widely used roof construction technique. John seemed to know a lot about it, but I’m not sure if he was pulling my leg though… I asked him if the grass ever gets too long? He said that some people mow them, but it is more common to put a sheep on the roof. I’m not sure I believe him… I will have to see this for […]