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TRAVEL | Personal Effects Arrived – Immigrating to Australia

October 5, 2017

My husband and I have been all around the world backpacking, but before we did that, before we moved to Perth/Western Australia – we lived in Columbus, OH. Columbus, for all intensive purposes, is like a smaller Seattle. Yeah, we get the same amount of rainfall too. But the weather isn’t the reason I draw the comparison. Columbus is a busy town, tons of historic houses, a rich downtown, delicious restaurant concepts (thanks to the outlying farming communities) and a thriving small business atmosphere. Amazing coffee shops are abundant, and the overall attitude/culture of the city is super accepting of new ideas and people. Columbus is also home to the Buckeyes of Ohio State University – one of the largest US State-funded public schools (over 65,000 students!). Columbus is also home to many of my best friends, and is where I got my Bachelors in Photography from the small private art institution (Columbus College of Art & Design). So no, […]

FAROE ISLANDS | A blind date with fate

May 18, 2016

We had a lovely time in Iceland, and we were so excited to start our first workaway experience in the Faroe Islands. Workaway, for those of you who don’t know what it is, is a website that tries to help people from all over the world connect with each other through a work exchange program. There are hosts and there are workaways. For a host, they decide what work they need help with, what they are able to offer in exchange (food, accommodation, use of car/facilities/etc), a bit about their home/city/country/living situation/personality/etc. For a workaway profile, they advertise what skills they have, their personality, and anything about themselves a host might find helpful language/diet/personality/etc. From there, as a workaway, you can contact hosts in areas you want to visit, and work out the details for the exchange through email. Isaac and I had made a couple’s profile (about $40.00 per 2 years in 2015) nearly a year before we began […]

ICELAND | Silica Hotel & Blue Lagoon

May 13, 2016

One thing I learned quickly about Iceland, was that you should not be quick to apply what is true about one part of Iceland to the other. I had no idea we would encounter such a diverse set of landscapes. I knew, before coming, that Iceland was the land of Fire & Ice, but somehow that hadn’t sunk in. On our way to the Blue Lagoon, we passed fields and fields of volcanic rock that would have destroyed any stray vehicle. Most of the roads were pretty well paved, but it didn’t calm our unease after declining all the insurance on our rental car (our credit card covered all accidental damage to a rental car – Thanks Chase Sapphire Visa). It was only a few hours drive to the Silica hotel, which was not easy to spot from the road. The only thing that gave it away, was the giant plumes of hot steam rising up from the hot springs. Fun Fact, apparently, […]

ICELAND | Reykjavik

May 11, 2016

As soon as we landed in Iceland, our trip finally became a little more real. We had decided to spend a few days in Reykjavik, but hadn’t quite realized just how far outside the city the airport was. A further testament to our lack of planning, we had no idea how we were going to get to our Airbnb in downtown Reykjavik from there. Luckily we were able to grab a bus, and 50 minutes later we were dropped in front of the closest hotel on the line the bus went to. Now, before Isaac and I had left, he had shown a few signs of getting a cold but somehow, with his superior immune system, only managed to get a bit of a sore throat before passing it onto me. I however, got the full force of the flu (thank you love!). The weather in Iceland made us wish we had gotten a sim card. We only had a prayer […]

HOME | Preparations for Traveling

February 7, 2015

HOME | COLUMBUS — “It’s that time of year again”, an email that Isaac sent to his friends, professional peers, and alike. It is that time of year again. For him, he gets to go home, embrace his nurturing Mum (not Mummy- apparently he’s never EVER called her that!), help his Dad pick their favorite pictures of the dogs and family to post on facebook, and to be around his brothers & their wives (or soon to be!). For me it is a little different… Even though the New Year has passed (I spent mine photographing the most beautiful wedding my heart has yet lived), I still haven’t had the chance to really grasp all that has happened the past year. This year has been filled with moments that have made my heart just ache, and some that I felt my heart would burst from sheer happiness. There are those who know me well, and know exactly what most of these […]