LOCAL | Chocolatey Goodness on Foodi’s Chocolate Tour – PERTH

My Aussie family knows me well, because for Christmas, I got a free pass to Foodi’sĀ Chocoalte Tour in Perth! Not only did I get one, but the entire family – chocolate & awesome company! Interested in booking a tour, head to their website here.

It’s not one of my official “local Feature” posts or anything, but just the highlights of the tour & the awesomeness in store for you if you go! I’ve also linked the individual chocolatier’s in the description too, in case you want to hit one of these up over next weekend!

Besides all the delicious chocolate, your Foodi Tour Guide will show you around the city’s little known landmarks, and tell you about the history & art of downtown Perth!

Frist Stop: Sue Lewis Chocolatier

Finding I’d seen where chocolate comes from before, but I’d never gotten to taste the fruit! They even make tea from the nibs @ Sue Lewis!

Chocolatier Sue Lewis tempering chocolate by hand, which is rarely done at all these days (almost always done by a machine). She told us how to temper at home, and the entire process from the tree to decadent chocolate truffles. And yes, there really is such a thing as a chocolate tree!!

Second Stop: Guylian Chocolate Cafe

Perth got a dedicated Guylian Cafe! On the tour, you get to sample several of their chocolate staples, and you get to hear the clever story of how they got their name. On a side note, if you get a chance to try their hot chocolate or mocha – do it! They really are awesome!

Third Stop: Koko Black

An open kitchen design, faced with glass, allows guest to have a silent viewing experience. Although all the chocolate is made over in Melbourne, you can see them making decadent desserts through the glass from their chocolate! Also, don’t forget to try the 100% Caco dark chocolate!

Koko Black also has a really gorgeous cafe concept attached to their chocolate shop, and the Foodi tour scores you a free drink (flat white, iced coffee, hot chocolate, etc), and any chocolate/truffle! Delicious!

Fourth Stop: Margaret River Chocolate Factory

I’m not sure why, but I didn’t take any other photos of Margaret River Chocolate Factory!! I hadn’t planned on making this giant blog post (about all the different places we stopped), and maybe also because I’ve been so many times before & taken dozens of photos at their other shops (Margaret River & Swan Valley Locations), but the camera didn’t wander out again while we were there. ALSO it could be because there are plenty of goodies to taste & sample that might have interested me more. Hehe. The tour didn’t score you any extras here, but we got ample time to explore and testing before heading to our last stop!

Final Stop: Uncle Joes

This crazy Cafe & Barber Shop Concept boasts one of the best non-traditional hot chocolates in town! This hot chocolate made with coconut milk (appropriately nicknamed the Coconut Rough). The tour scores you a free sample – yes please!

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