FAROE ISLANDS | Mulafossur, Gásadalur, and Turf Houses

Today is a new day, more sunny but still very chilly. I told Harriet last night that I have been aching to see a turf roof house since I saw photos of them in Iceland, and was astounded to see them everywhere on the drive to their house!!! I only saw one in Iceland, but it was in a poor state of restoration from the Viking settlement hundreds of years ago. She laughed and told me she would take me to where there are villages of turf roof houses! Apparently, it is still a widely used roof construction technique. John seemed to know a lot about it, but I’m not sure if he was pulling my leg though… I asked him if the grass ever gets too long? He said that some people mow them, but it is more common to put a sheep on the roof. I’m not sure I believe him… I will have to see this for myself. 😊

Harriet packed us lunches with liver paste sandwiches. I told her I would try anything once, and that I’m not too picky of an eater? Hehe, guess I was wrong, I definitely did NOT like liver paste. 😊

We stopped in the turf house village and I got to take some photos before we headed on to the famous waterfall Gásadalur. The turf house village was adorable. I was also amazed at how well everything in the Faroes photographs! It is nearly perfect contrast ALL THE TIME! Also as creepy as it is, I love taking pictures of people’s windows. How they set up their home and their display windows; it is like a small glimpse into how their lives work. Something I am very curious about.

Turf house village in the Faroe Islands

Because if you have the option to have flowers on your roof, wouldn’t you?

I’m fascinated by windows here. It’s like peering into the way they live, style choices they make, etc. It’s like seeing into their minds a little. Exciting, albeit a little creepy perhaps, hehe.

Harriet took a quick photo of Isaac and I while we were in the village. 🙂

Because sheep rule the land, villages, and streets.


Would be a lovely spot to say “I Do”

Its springtime in the Faroe Islands

Mulafossur in the village of Gásadalur, Faroe Islands

The waterfall was a little less majestic than I first thought. It was still beautiful, but somehow I felt too far away from it to really feel its scale, if that even makes sense. I even edged as far as I could towards the edge as I dared (this is also where the remnants of my liver paste sandwich discretely fell to its demise, lol) and still I felt I could only see parts of the whole. It was as if something was blocking me from truly taking it all in. I’d like to go back, when it was less windy and cold perhaps, hike and see it from a different vantage point. Maybe then I might feel differently. It was still beautiful and I cannot believe there is a place in the world where you can sit watching the water returning back to the sea this way.

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