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Do you know Golden Bay’s best-kept secret?This week we got to hang out with talented artist Gemma Bunce, of Gem Gem Designz. She’s a wicked painter, so why not think about one of her affordable paintings for your home? To WIN one of Gemma’s Ocean Paintings, enter by liking & sharing our FB page (winner will be drawn Sept 15)!

The talented artist’s home studio space

Kell’s Quick Review… Local Talent for the win!
Before my Husband and I bought our house in Golden Bay, we took our first trip together to Bali. I was amazed by the quality of the paintings, the price, and the chance to help support the Balinese. We ended up not buying any, we had nowhere to hang them at the time, but it got me thinking when we returned home. There is a plethora of very talented local artists in our local community, who are starting out, and depend on our support. Since many of them have home studios and don’t exhibit in fancy pants art galleries, the fun comes in finding their local hideout & the right style that speaks to you.

I was introduced to Gemma through our mutual friend, who recently commissioned her for a custom work. When I looked up her Facebook page, I was blown away by her seascapes! Even more blown away when I learned how she made them! It astounded me to know that some high-quality canvas, spray paint, and a bit of wind from a hair dryer (controlled by the talented mastermind) created something so visceral, and real. I kept looking into the depth of the color and thinking only of the beach.Though her waterscapes are what she is most recently known for, Gemma does lots of custom work, hand painted cheeky cards, and lots more. Follow her on Facebook to start dreaming of the perfect piece for your wall.

Q&A with Gemma Bunce:

Who is the face behind Gem Gem Designz?
Gemma Bunce, a 27 year old, Golden Bay Artist.

How did you make your start as an artist?
She explained that “I have always had a natural flare for being able to see detail within objects and pictures.” As a kid, she taught herself how to draw and paint. Her first commissioned piece came as almost a joke. One day a close friend mentioned how she would love a portrait painted of her dog in a colourful, fun way. Gemma offered to attempt to paint it for her. She laughed jokingly not knowing Gemma could even paint. A few weeks later, it was painted. Her friend loved it so much, she posted it in the Dogs in Perth page. It didn’t take long before the messages from people on Facebook asking about getting their dog painted on a canvas too! We feel pretty cool that we get to give away one of her beautiful pieces! 

How would you describe your style?
“I always find it hard to say what exact style I have but I love the fine details and a good splash of colour (mainly known as Splash Art).” She has a way of making the ordinary, extraordinary by “using things around the house to create a painting whether it be a plate, newspaper or a hair dryer.”

Where do you draw inspiration from?
“I get my inspiration from landscapes, if I see something or get an Idea in my head of something l like, for example like the way a wave would crash, I will go home immediately to paint it.”
What are your favourite mediums to work in?
“I mainly use Acrylic Paints but sometimes use water them down to paint in a watercolour style as well. However, I have started Spray Painting recently and enjoy it a lot, it has started becoming my main medium.”

What is your favourite painting you have ever made?
“I was house sitting at my Grandad’s place and he said to me to use his paints and board canvases. I got some inspiration on the weekend and found a large old slightly used canvas, it had been in the shed for awhile it had grown mold on the back corner, I cleaned it down with primer and quickly dried it with a hair dryer. Then I painted the base a beautiful Pythalo Blue, which soon evolved into a crashing wave, full of colour. When I was finished, I just couldn’t get rid of it, I loved it so much! Now it has a lovely frame and hangs in our lounge room.”

How do you like to work/what is your creative process?
“Depending on what art style I am doing really, If I am drawing I work in my art room with music playing, it is very peaceful. If I am spray painting I am out the backyard working on an outdoor table with all my tools next to me ready to go. I use a lot of different tools with my art. My main tools would be; my choice of paint medium, different brushes mainly round, tooth and fan brush and a palette and dryer (to manipulate my artwork).”

Where can people buy your work?
People mainly contact her through her facebook page Gem Gem Designz via private message.

Do you accept custom inquiries?
“Always, I get a lot of people ask for custom pieces, they are really fun & easy for me to do.”

Would you say your paintings are affordable?

“Definitely, for the time and effort in creating them. The main factors that determine how expensive a piece is the detail required, scale, and canvas style. I take this into consideration when I price out custom inquiries, but try my best to work with budgets for the sake of all the boring walls out there in the world!”

What about commercial interests?
“I haven’t been asked yet but would love to.”

See her work on her Facebook at www.facebook.com/gemgemdesignz/

What is the best way for people to get in touch with you or see your work?
On Facebook or Instagram, you can email or call as well. Best way to see her work is through Facebook and Instagram.

Why do you think people need artwork in their home?
“It creates a homely feel, If you see a painting you really like it’s like a memory, usually it reminds you of something you love or like and when you stare at it, it will take you to that place for a moment.”

Gemma & her fiance (Tracey) are recently engaged (congratulations!!!!!!!) and spend almost every day at the beach. Point Peron in Rockingham is one of their favourite stopping points, on any drive home from Perth City.

Need a little Art on the walls of your home?

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