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HOME | Amateur sushi still tastes good – Recipe

February 3, 2017

Since Japan, Isaac and I have been adventurous enough to make sushi 4 times. Thankfully, things are starting to get quicker, the kitchen is less messy, and the rolls are slightly more pretty. Making sushi is a LOT of work, and we are only hobbyists. We really just have fun experimenting with flavors and enjoy sharing our Japan memories with friends (old & new). This past Saturday, we had one such occasion to share our bite-sized creations with the owners of “The Fisho” (our favorite location is in Singleton, Western Australia)!!! We first used their fish for our sushi, on a recommendation from a friend, when we arrived to Australia in September. We were hooked (oh the play on words)!! Knowing that not many people give making sushi a shot, and after getting to the “we should be friends” stage, we finally got the chance to make them some of our rolls. If you are one of the people who […]